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  • How far in advance should I order my wedding gown?
    We recommend shopping for your wedding dress soon after you choose your wedding date and venue. Most gowns take between six to eight months to arrive from the date you order the dress, so to give yourself a stress-free experience and to avoid rush fees, it's great to start shopping between nine months and a year before your wedding. If you have less than six months before your big day, we still have lots of options that can be ready in time for your wedding. Rush fees and availability depend on the designer. We also have a frequently-changing selection of sample gowns that can be purchased off the rack, which are great for very short time-frame brides!
  • Do you have options in my budget?
    We offer an incredible and high-quality selection of gowns, priced from around $800 to $15,000. When you come in for your appointment, your bridal stylist will ask you what budget you would like us to work within so that we can help select gowns that wont blow your budget! We never push you to spend more than you want, and we treat every bride with the same pampering service regardless of how much she wants to spend.
  • How many people are allowed to attend at my bridal appointment?
    We recommend bringing 1-3 family members or friends whose opinions you value most. Wedding dress shopping is SO fun, but it can get overwhelming and stressful when a bride is considering the opinions of many people. We feel that more than 3 can send a bride into a spin and the appointment gets dragged out leaving you less time to try on more gowns. After all, it's your wedding dress - and it's your feelings and preferences that are most important! We believe that every bride wants and deserves a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience. To ensure the best experience possible for each and every bride, we kindly ask that large groups over 5 guests, and unsupervised children, do not accompany you to the shop. Of course we realize there can be special circumstances - please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    We encourage you to wear nude-colored underwear when trying on wedding dresses. We highly recommend the kmart The ULTRA SMOOTH SEAMFREE briefs!! they are easy to slide gowns on and off! Most designs don't require a bra however if you feel more comfotable we recommend a nude cbra that is not padded. Please don't feel temped to wear shape wear!! Its a bad idea as its firstly uncomforable and secondly just makes it hard to find the perfect dress as it creates a false bulge in places we would rather not have!! Curve dresses are designed to be flattering on curve shapes and some even have built in corsets or boning to create shape.
  • What to do before my appointment?
    We encourage you to eat before or after your visit with us as we do not allow food and beverages in the shop with the exception of water. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by several local cafes and we are happy to recommend our favorites if requested! Feel free to bring pictures of gowns that inspire you or design that you love. Google search away and check out Pinterest, vision boards…anything you’d like! If you don't already have a vision of what you like, no worries - we'll help you figure out what you love!
  • You say you're size inclusive bridal store, what does that mean?"
    It means that we are commited to dressing brides of all shapes and sizes. why? We strongly believe that every bride should feel comfortable and have many beautiful options to try on when she's shopping for her wedding dress. Bridal sizes run smaller than streetwear sizes, aka regular clothes. Our sample sizes in store range from an 8 to 30. Our bridal stylists are experts at giving you a great idea of how the gown will fit when it's made in your own size no matter what size you are we will be able to fit you.
  • Do you charge extra for plus size gowns?
    Most of the time all our gowns are priced the same regardless of the size. We do not charge a surcharge for larger sizes the 16 is the same price as the 28! We do however charge for additional options such as sleeves and other changes you may wish to make that may add cost to the gown.
  • Will I need alterations?
    The vast majority of wedding gowns need at some sort of alterations to achieve the ideal fit and length. The alterations that are needed will vary from bride to bride and you will most likely see this once you try on your gown. Alterations costs are not included in the price of your wedding gown. We partner with excellent seamstress, Liz Zappela who has many years of bridal gown alterations experience. She is also located just a few doors down from our store, just across the road from the Mundingburra Police Station.
  • If I see a gown on the designer website, but you don't have it, how can I try it on? (Gown Concierge)
    If the designers sample gown is available at their head office then we maybe able to book the gown in and have it send to us for an exclusive try on service. We call this our gown concierge service! This service incurs a fee and is payable at your try on appointment. For one gown the cost starts at $60 and goes up from there. This covers the time and postage fee from the designer, but our appointment to try on your gown is free of charge.
  • Do you stock formal, deb and graduation gowns?
    We do! We are pretty good at bridal as it's our "thing" but we have just started stocking formal and bridesmaides dress too. We are always happy to welcome you in for any special occasion. We have a few options in many different colours and we are happy to order in for you if we don't have it ready to go in your preferred size or colour. Bookings can be made on our website but we welcome walk-in too wear possible.
  • Can I bring my kids with me?
    Although we love kids and we are mums ourselves, we know from experience (we could share a story or two) that kids under 12 don't love wedding dress shopping as much as you do! Even the most well behaved kids get bored and put pressure on mum to hurry up!! Therefore ,to ensure it's a great experience for all, we ask that you find someone to watch them for you. This is a time for you to take some me time!
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